What’s Prison:


An All-In-One Plugin

Prison’s an All-In-One Spigot Plugin with the goal of including every main feature of a Prison server, for example: Ranks, Prestiges, Mines, SellAll, AutoBlock, AutoSmelt, AutoPickup and many others in the future.

Fully modular

You can enable or disable every feature in the configs depending on what you want to use, if you’re using another ranks plugin (for example) then you might disable the Ranks/Prestiges modules.

Highly customizable

There’re a lot of commands to help you and many guidebooks always updating, also an intuitive system will help you and we’re (almost always) ready to help you on the discord support server.

Features (v3.2.5):

Ranks and Prestiges

Integrated Ranks and Prestiges are the main feature of Prison servers and these are very easy to setup, the main commands are /ranks and /rankup, /prestiges and /prestige.


A Prison server isn’t a Prison without mines, a place where ores are generated and automatically filled when empty or get reset every an X amount of time and players can mine to earn money.


Sell all your items or ores to earn Money with a single command like /sellall.


Sell automatically your items when your inventory's full.


Pickup your broken blocks and put them automatically into your inventory, so the ground will be cleaner and you won’t need to pickup everything manually.


AutoSmelt your ores to something better so you won’t need to do it manually.


AutoBlock will automatically make blocks from ores when possible, so your inventory will be cleaner and the player will be able to mine more without selling everything too often.


Integrated Prison Backpack compatible with SellAll and AutoPickup, you can have even multiple backpacks.



Join our Discord server!

On our discord server you’ll get more updates about the plugin, access to ALPHA VERSIONS and our support.



A ton of GuideBooks to help you getting started.

We’ve made a ton of GuideBooks easy to understand and with almost everything you should know about the Plugin features and how to setup, these kind of wiki are always updating and we’re working hard to improve and adding more as the time move on. Meanwhile if you don’t understand something for some reason, you can ask us on our discord server.